Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Powerful, Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithm with Excel Implementation

In this article, we discuss a general machine learning technique to make predictions or score transactional data, applicable to very big, streaming data. This hybrid technique combines different algorithms to boost accuracy, outperforming each algorithm taken separately, yet it is simple enough to be reliably automated It is illustrated in the context of predicting the performance of articles published in media outlets or blogs, and has been used by the author to build an AI (artificial intelligence) system to detect articles worth curating, as well as to automatically schedule tweets and other postings in social networks.for maximum impact, with a goal of eventually fully automating digital publishing. This application is broad enough that the methodology can be applied to most NLP (natural language processing) contexts with large amounts of unstructured data. The results obtained in our particular case study are also very interesting. 
The algorithmic framework described here applies to any data set, text or not, with quantitative, non-quantitative (gender, race) or a mix of variables. It consists of several components; we discuss in details those that are new and original, The other, non original components are briefly mentioned, with references provided for further reading. No deep technical expertise and no mathematical knowledge is required to understand the concepts and methodology described here. The methodology, though state-of-the-art, is simple enough that it can even be implemented in Excel, for small data sets (one million observations.)
The technique presented here blends non-standard, robust versions of decision trees and regression. It has been successfully used in black-box ML implementations.
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